Hudlow Axle was founded by Steve Hudlow in 2004 to meet customer demand for high-quality, custom drivetrain parts and service. We are located in Northwest Georgia in Rossville just outside Chattanooga, TN so we are able to quickly deliver parts to our local customers and those located all over the U.S. and world. Our combination of knowledgeable staff, premium-quality parts, and specialized machines allows us to beat our competition in service, customization capabilities, and value. Since the age of 17 Steve has been re-designing and customizing vehicles to increase their performance. He started out with his 2wd '67 Ford "BIG BLUE" (pictured left), by making it 4wd and lifting it (see pic below). From then, he knew his passion was creating machines that could conquer any type of terrain. He has worked in Australia and all over the country doing what others cannot... building and competing (and winning) with ultra-capable rock-crawlers and buggies. Their modifications included: fully hydraulic steering, tubular chassis, custom axle housings, custom suspension, severe-angle shafts, and very strong axles... He has been featured in magazines such as "Bronco Driver" and many others as well as on the TV shows EXTREME 4X4 and TRUCKS.  If you have a machine that needs to go further, deeper, and higher into the terrain, Steve can help you get there! Call us at: 706-858-8385 or Email:   Butch Blaster - Master Machinist
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